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"Tell It Like It Can Be"

Often you encounter people whose words do more harm than good. Now, they don’t think that is the case because they say, “I just tell it like it is.”  Unfortunately, “telling it like it is” is not the way of grace, especially when it comes to children.  In Ephesians 4:29 you read, “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth,
but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.”
 The word “corrupt” in Greek
is “sapros.” It does not mean profanity but refers to any word that is not useful. That means that the words
that we speak should be useful and they should impart grace to the hearer. Remember that grace is undeserved
favor.  In Greek the word “grace” is “charis” and it means “favor.” And this is very important when it comes to
using words. Today, if you travel to Israel you find that there is a growing number of Jewish Christians there.
Now, their entire Bible is written in Hebrew. So, when you read this verse in Hebrew you find that the
Hebrew word for “grace” is “hesed.” “Hesed” means “favor.” So, the words we speak are to impart undeserved
favor. Notice also that this verse says that those words should be, “good for necessary edification.”
The word “edification” in Greek is “oikodomeo” and this refers to a house begin erected and it’s also
where we get the word “edifice” from. So, what God’s word is saying about the words we use is that they
must always be words that build people up. So, God’s word is saying that if you want people or your
children to be built up, then use words that edify them. If you want your children filled with grace then
use words that edify and build them up; because whatever is edifying, imparts grace. This means that
when our kids or our spouse mess up, do we speak words to them that they deserve?  If we do then we
aren’t imparting grace. So, rather than “telling it like it is” God is saying we should “tell it like it can be.”
This week be a people builder and use words that impart grace. You, your kids and friends will be
blessed because you did.

Have a great week,
Pastor Walter

He's a Good, Good Father

Over the past couple of years I’ve been sharing with you the importance of knowing who God is because only then will you know who you are in Him and what He has made available to you.  The most important way for this to take place is by being in His Word!  Now, some people read the Bible and know what it says BUT when you read it and apply faith to it; it changes everything.  It literally sets you free from, “a can’t do way of thinking” to believing that all things are possible.  So, when Jesus said, in John 8:36 that, “…if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed,” that becomes a real statement of faith for the believer.  We are set free from faulting thinking, worldly thinking and we are set free to see life the way God sees it.  You see, when you fill you mind with the Word of Truth, the truth will set you free.  This week I was studying a scripture that you might be familiar with; Hebrews 4:12.  Let me share some of my personal notes with you.  This verse says:  “For the word of God is living…”  This means that the Word of God is the opposite of death and that wherever it goes, it makes that place come alive. “…and powerful…” This says that the Word is powerful to deliver.  It is efficacious which means that it has the power to effect whatever it touches.  “…and sharper than any two-edged sword…”  This is a term that truly applies to the day in which we live.  When Paul wrote this there was nothing sharper than a double-edged sword.  In that day it was a specialty instrument that was uncommon to have.  It was sharp and cut both ways.  Today this would be the laser; it cuts anyway and anything.  But here’s what’s important; even a laser can’t reach where God’s word reaches. “…piercing even to the division of soul and spirit…”  This describes a medical impossibility.  Your soul is you and it’s alive in your body.  Your spirit is the place of you that God’s Holy Spirit dwells.  So what this means is that when you saturate yourself with God’s word it gives you the sensitivity to discern if a prompting or an idea is from you or from God.  Understand that nothing can divide soul and spirit except God’s word.  “…and of joints and marrow…”  This verse now moves to your physical body.  What this is saying is that God’s word is health to your body.  What I mean is that God’s Word can bring healing to your life.  It is so precise that it can separate joint and marrow.  Here’s what is interesting:  marrow is where your blood is manufactured.  Think about it; when a doctor wants to diagnose a disease what do they examine?  Your blood!  What this means is that Gods’ Word can reach the very place that your blood is manufactured.  Basically God is saying I can affect your blood, I can cleanse your blood, I can purify your blood and when that happens it benefits your entire body.  Listen, God’s word is living and more powerful than we realize because God’s Word knows exactly where to cut to effect the healing of our minds, our emotions, our spirits and yes even our bodies.  “He is good, good Father, that’s who He is…and we are loved by Him, that’s who we are!”

Have a great day,

Pastor Walter

God's Promise 9.22.14

As you may know we have be studying prayer for the past few weeks.  During that time I’ve had several people ask me to revisit a verse I shared with you a few weeks ago out of Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
The people who have asked about this verse wonder how to actually apply this to their life when everything around them tells them the opposite of what they are praying for.  They ask, “how can I believe when I feel so differently.”  What they are asking about has to do with faith.  You see, the problem that many have, when they pray, is that they are focused on their situation, their pain, their need or their feelings.  They pray that God meet a financial need but after they pray they don’t see the answer and they get discouraged or they pray about a pain or illness and it’s not immediately better.  When this happens you need to remember that faith looks forward and believes for tomorrow.  Think about it:  when a woman conceives a child she doesn’t wait nine months to tell someone she is having a baby.  NO!  She tells someone the moment she finds she has conceived; she doesn’t wait for the delivery.  You see, life begins at conception and not at delivery.  The baby begins at conception but is delivered to its mother nine months later.  In the same way faith looks ahead.  The moment you pray, the answer to that need is conceived and you must look forward to the delivery of your answer.  Now, what this means is that as a person of faith you can’t be led by your feelings.  Now, it’s ok to enjoy your feelings but don’t be led by them because feelings change.  Unfortunately many people want to feel it before they have it.  But you must understand that God works in the realm of faith and not feelings.  Now, when someone combines faith with their prayer something miraculous happens.  Mark tells you that whatever you ask for in prayer believe, don’t feel, but believe you have received it.  You see, faith is forward looking.  Remember that God’s economy operates on faith and without it you can’t please God.  But when someone exhibits faith in their prayer; something about that combination attracts God’s attention. You see, there is something attractive about faith to the Father.  When He sees someone pray in faith it catches His attention and He hones in with laser like focus.  2 Chronicles 16:9 says:
For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him...”
So, whatever you need this week, understand that faith is just trusting that God has heard you and you are relying on His answer.  It’s resting in Him.  When that happens God moves.  Now, there’s something that is key to answered prayer;  a prayer of faith is more focused on the Giver of the answer than on the answer itself.  When you focus on Jesus you will always find that He is your answer and He is always more than enough.  You see, when you are looking for Him, He will find YOU!  
Have a great week,
Pastor Walter

40 Days In The Word

I am so excited to have begun 40 Days in the Word.  Over the next few weeks we will learn how important God’s Word is for our lives.  I am especially excited for each one participating in it because I know it will change your life.  That’s what we, as a church, are all about: life change.  You see, we are to be about God’s business and His business is life change.  This week, as you study the Word, understand that God is changing you moment by moment as you live out what you learn.  I am so blessed to be the Pastor of the family known as HighPoint Fellowship.  Thank you for going higher and deeper than ever before.
Have a great week,
Pastor Walter